Nước mắm truyền thống sẽ được làm từ cá biển tươi và muối, sau một thời gian ủ đủ lâu sẽ cho ra những giọt sánh màu nâu hổ phách. Ngày xưa, nước mắm còn được gọi bằng cái tên mỹ miều là “Việt Nam ngư lộ”, trong đó “ngư” là cá, “lộ” là giọt sương. “Ngư lộ” tức là “giọt sương từ cá”.

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About us

The beginnings may be a mystery, yet the smell and taste of fish sauce evoke the feeling of home for most Vietnamese, no matter where we are in the world. It is found in most Vietnamese dishes and eaten almost every day in Vietnam. Fish sauce not only complements to the taste of the food but it is also used as one of the main ingredients, creating the distinctive flavour of Vietnamese dishes.

Our fish sauce is made at our home in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam, according to a family recipe and method dating back to the 1950s. Made from anchovies and sea salt carefully sorted then left to mature under the deep blue skies and bright sunshine for 24 months, our home-made sauce produces the colour of dried hay and honey. The smell of anchovy accompanies its salty yet sweet taste. We take pride in using only natural ingredients, containing no additives.